Away from the city

               Every single one of us has been in this situation where you just want to run away from the bustling and noisy city. When I'm feeling this way there is nothing better for me than nature.  I can say that I feel quite lucky because my town is right under  the mountain and whenever I need peace I can achieve it under 20mins.  Bulgarian nature is nowhere to be seen and I'm really happy that whenever I turn around I can see it in my town.           
                Yesterday was one of those Saturdays when I didn't have any work to do, and although, the weather wasn't perfect I realised that my body and my soul needed to run away for a bit and just enjoy the nature. Every time after this kind of walk I can feel that I'm calm, that my mind is clearer and my whole body is regenerated. Sometimes I can feel really stressed or depressed or anxious about something and for me walking around nature is the cure.
                 As I said the weather yesterday was awful, it was raining, cold and foggy and it wasn't the best time for pictures, so I decided to show you where I like to spend time with photos from last month.

                  From this place, you can see the whole city and kilometres ahead.



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